ESG Data Management for Investment Decisions

Investment-Grade Metrics for Financial Institutions

ESG metrics are now critical to investment decision-making. Whether you are an investment bank, asset manager, pension provider or insurance company, you need rigorous, investment-grade ESG and SDG metrics to inform your decisions and provide evidence of sustainability to your clients. Yet, until now, such data has been hard to obtain and interpret for all but the largest organisations. That’s because bespoke data solutions are costly and time-consuming to develop, while bought-in market scores simply won’t align to your perspectives or blend with other data. CadDo’s ESG for Investment Decisions solution makes it easy for you to connect, access and above all understand the data you need.

ESG and SDG Data Made Easy

The CadDo platform provides investment-grade ESG scores, based on your own data, logic and requirements, as well as an on-boarding process that is fully remote and non-invasive. This enables you to:

  • Take control of the details behind how the ESG score is derived
    The ESG landscape is evolving all the time. That’s why the CadDo platform is highly flexible, allowing you to dynamically drive the scoring mechanism when critical changes occur.
  • Obtain high quality ESG Data in real time, to inform better, quicker investment decisions
    With anytime-anywhere access to clear, credible metrics that are comparable to any financial report. Take a real-time holistic view of every investment, using live reporting, visualisations and scenario analysis.
  • Remove risk from decision-making by guaranteeing ESG data consensus
    The CadDo platform can ingest data from any source, allowing you to leverage your internal research and investor outreach to drive enhanced investment decisions with pace and agility. Increase the quality of ESG scores by simultaneously leveraging multiple data sources.
  • Provide concise reports that are bespoke to both you and your clients’ needs
    CadDo allows you to report on the entire institutional fund value and ESG score for funds under management, individual fund values or ESG scores by individual investor at any given time. Each report is tailored to suit both you and your clients’ needs.
This means everything from institutional holdings from your portfolio through to individual investor level can be dynamically managed and modelled by entity investment value for ESG and financial performance. It is therefore a bespoke and transparent solution for high value clients.

What’s Included with CadDo’s ESG Analysis Solution?

CadDo’s ESG Analysis Solution is available to purchase in Microsoft’s AppSource against your Azure tenant, where we have been selected as a Preferred Solution. It includes all of this functionality:

  • CadDo hosts everything, so all technology, management & support is included
  • Fully customisable, based on your changing needs & requirements
  • Totally adaptive, enabling new features to be added at pace
  • Fully scalable, to grow at need
  • Customised for you: with our experts undertaking all development work on your initial set of standard reports

How do I get started with CadDo’s ESG Calculation Engine?

  • Get your IT team involved, or leave everything to us. How much you do is up to you
  • Send raw data as-is: with no requirement to develop custom data extracts
  • Provide new requirements the easy way, as mock-ups or drawings, not functional specs
  • You focus on investment decisions from day one, we look after the ESG and SDG scores