ESG Reporting

Transparent ESG Reporting for Companies and their Clients

With individual clients becoming more discerning in their investment preferences, asset managers have to make their portfolios for investor, trustee and client reporting ‘ESG-ready’. CadDo ensures that creating and managing tailor made ESG reports for clients and trustees has never been easier.

Client Reporting

Bespoke ESG Reports that Dynamically Align with Weighted Sustainability Values

The CadDo platform provides individual ESG reports, tailored to clients’ sustainable priorities. This enables you to:

  • Overcome the market volatility that has forced investment managers to be more focused on ESG
    It does so with anytime-anywhere access to clear, credible metrics that are comparable to any financial report. Take a real-time holistic view of every investment, using live reporting, visualisations and scenario analysis.
  • Streamline the usual complexity and expense of ESG data
    The CadDo platform is flexible, fast, affordable and can be implemented within weeks: allowing you to drive the scoring mechanism when critical changes occur, and to provide your clients with deeper insights.
  • Refine and perfect the sometimes patchy data provided by 3rd parties
    The CadDo platform allows you to ingest data from more than one source, allowing you to leverage your internal research and investor outreach to drive enhanced investment decisions with pace and agility. Invest in quality data rather than the implementation of an in-house developed solution.
  • Properly weight ESG scores and make subsequent reports bespoke and intelligible
    Adjust your ESG scores to reflect the value weighting applied by your clients, tailor the reports to both you and your clients’ needs. Dynamically update the scores in real time as market, regulatory and economic changes dictate.
The CadDo solution allows portfolios to be dynamically managed and modelled by entity investment value for ESG and financial performance. So you can report on the entire institutional fund value and ESG score for funds under management, individual fund values or ESG scores by individual investor at any given time.
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