ESG Reporting For Corporates

Demonstrate Market Leadership through Published ESG Insights

The business case for corporates to focus on ESG scoring has never been more compelling. Within the last year the corporate sector has significantly ratcheted up its attention to ESG performance, where the global pandemic has exposed those corporates who have either ‘greenwashed’ their scores or have been too short-sighted in the implementation of an ESG strategy. The consequent fines levied on companies for irregularities in governance have made the arguments for more accurate compliance reporting even more powerful.

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Reassurance for your Board, Investors, Employees and Clients

Sustainability and transparency are now crucial to every major company. The CadDo platform helps promote your ESG credentials as well as reducing the risk of non-compliance, by seamlessly consolidating multiple ESG data sources. This enables deeper insights and uniform comparability across the portfolio, aligned to your approach to performance and risk. This enables you to:

  • Disclose and ideally leverage your sustainability credentials to both investment managers and consumers, in line with ever-evolving sustainability expectations and regulatory changes
    CadDo’s cloud platform is a streamlined solution for both Compliance-Driven Investment Analytics and integrated reporting. Achieve your transparency and accountability goals, and meet the needs of your investors and customers with accurate reports of your organisation’s governance, as well as its environmental and social performance.
  • Close the ESG gap, and reconcile what’s reported from all your data sources
    With CadDo, you can enable internal and client streamlined reporting, for all levels of management. Your corporate sustainability report, the non-financial section of your annual report, or integrated reports are managed in one centralised platform, with data collection from any source system to report distribution.
  • Satisfy Generation Z by demonstrating your sustainability credentials meet their needs.
    Sustainability policies and performance have become as important as market fundamentals, meaning that a corporate information set is demanded by executives, investors and product consumers alike. The introduction of a standard and transparent method of measuring all sustainability metrics enables Actionable Insights and facilitates benchmarking against your peers, lets you monitor and manage your sustainability initiatives, tracks water, waste and carbon back to your products, services, customers and assets. It also allows you to benchmark and compare company standards by industry.
The CadDo solution therefore allows every corporation to dynamically manage their sustainability goals, identify the ESG gap, create actionable insights and model future outcomes to reassure investors and clients. This reduces the risk of being excluded by investors and pension companies, and increases market attractiveness among consumers.
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